Cashmere from the Tasselli house is sustainable.

The procurement of raw materials complies with sustainability criteria.

Our style department works hard daily  to select:

●     raw materials from regions around the world that can guarantee maximum quality and sustainability;

●     yarns dyed before the spinning phase when the fibre more naturally absorbs the colour without the use of harmful and polluting chemical additives;

●     longer and more resistant fibres that fall naturally from the animal without the need for clipping or maltreatment

Unfortunately, many fast fashion companies deceive the producer that a precious raw material such as cashmere can be purchased at a low price. Over the years, however, it is these companies that have invaded the market with cheap products. All this has led to an excessive demand for low-cost raw materials. The consequence is the excessive exploitation of pastures (grazing), an abuse of the combing technique on animals without taking care of their well-being.

The highest quality that we love to guarantee, however, requires a high-level of well-being and good nutrition of the animal. This is the only way to obtain long, soft and more resistant fibres. These are necessary to produce the garments in our collections.

Just like you, Tasselli Cashmere loves respecting nature, loves those who work, loves animals, loves doing things well and loves quality.