Fashion that does not expire | why buy a high-quality garment

“minimum investment, maximum return”, we often repeat to ourselves when we buy something apparently attractive but low in price and quality. It’s a famous saying which we use to convince ourselves we are doing the right thing, but whilst underneath knowing that the dress will last as long as an aperitif, and little more. This is due to changing trends and poor manufacturing.

Buying a high-quality garment therefore becomes not only a matter of principle but also of convenience. Investing in a wardrobe made up of well-made pieces will allow us to use them over time without the colours fading, the hems unstitching or their charm being lost over the seasons.

The fashion supply chain is made up of many different steps, all of which are important and indispensable for the success of a high-quality dress: the raw material, the workmanship, the packaging… Read the labels and beware of appearances that often deceive alas. It’s true that ethical working, using selected materials and respecting the environment will increase the price of your garment, but this will also happen to its value, guaranteeing you a must-have item to appreciate and reuse over time.

Fine raw materials

Linen, silk, cotton, merino… The composition and the fabrics used to make a garment are as important as its design – perhaps even more so. This is where everything takes shape, from where it begins. Let’s think about cashmere for example: its beauty is so fascinating that we fall in love at the first touch.

Seams and details

The finishes are not just a detail but an important confirmation synonymous with mastery and craftsmanship. Seams that tend to come undone quickly, lines that are not straight, stitches which aren’t very resistant… Wearing an item sewn according to the rules of quality therefore means dressing a piece without typical manufacturing defects instead of bad manufacturing. A model cannot be thought of as a defect: if this happens, we often say “it is not done like this”, but it lacks quality.

Exclusive and refined design

Fashion changes, sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn’t. Some last for more than one season; others are forgotten within one or a few collections. The design and style of your high-quality garment will not fade with time. Manufacturing will be a winning element that will certainly not follow the trends. A high-quality garment follows accurate steps and is often consistent with a style that will identify and tie it to the hand of its brand. A good raw material combined with good workmanship will therefore not need excess or splendour to shine. The clean and minimal design will make the quality garment perfect to be worn and re-worn over time.

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