Reborn Cashmere

Tasselli Cashmere’s latest projectis an innovative range of regenerated cashmere made from recycled raw materials and high-quality disused garments.

The production process follows the principles of eco-sustainability and circular economy. The idea is to give new life to disused garments by making them wearable again. This can happen in two ways:

Regenerating raw materials

In this case, disused cashmere sweaters are first divided by color and then recycled to make new regenerated cashmere yarn, which will then be carded and spun to make extremely warm and soft knitwear.

Reusing high-quality garments

We select, inspect, sanitize, and recondition top-quality garments left unused in wardrobes and make them as good as new.

Sustainable Italian cashmere

Tasselli Cashmere has always promoted sustainability, avoiding wasting raw materials. Faithful to these principles, Tasselli Cashmere is now introducing a unique line of cashmere

garments that will benefit both the environment and consumers. Sweaters made with Re-Born cashmere are soft and warm and available at fair prices. Re-born cashmere embraces Italian quality and long-term sustainability.