Copywright Scarves

Wear your own exclusive scarf.

It’s the exclusive line of scarves made in collaboration with artists such as Fedinando Ambrosino, Antonio Scarpino and Damien Ajavon.

//Printed using the best digital technology, fruit of an accurate research made by Diego and Domenico or coloured by hand like offspring of the best traditional manufacturing tradition our copyright scarves are the fruit of artistic talents in which Tasselli has wanted to invest//

The project began with Ferdinando Ambrosino: faithful reproductions of details from his work, that commemorate with iconic intensity and colours and the lightness of the fabrics chosen the myth of the Sibyl of Cumae and the spirit of an archaic tradition that crosses the confines of history in making itself contemporary.


From a generous proposal by Patrizia, Antonio Scarpino’s niece, comes the line of scarves dedicated to the artist of the same name. Fascinated by his intense colours, the company has transformed his canvases into refined scarves that become the reproduction of the ascetic and inventive paintings of this master from Piemonte.

//The lightness of the fabric and the uniqueness of the colours make these stoles precious pieces of art and craftsmanship//

They follow an artistic path in which one catches hints of the oriental, genuine creative impulses suggested by solitude and irony right up to cutting denunciations of the ills and myths of humanity.

Last in the list of our collaborations is with Damien Ajavon, young artist and performer from Paris. Damien is dedicated to creative experimentation with fabrics and to design inspired by natural forms. His research is nourished by an eclectic cultural background that comes to him from the African origins of his family, from his working trips to the United States when he was just an adolescent and from an innate passion for the world of fashion.

//And so is born the Neoptera: New Wings line, named after a tropical insect, from the forms and colours of whose carapace Damien has drawn inspiration. He uses small objects and many hand colouring steps that give to each of these designs a unique character.//