Reborn Cashmere

A project supported by Tasselli Cashmere gives life to Re-Born Cashmere.

The innovative line of regenerated cashmere fiber that comes from the re-use of production waste raw materials and dismissed fine garments.

The whole production takes place following the eco-sustainability and the circular economy principles. The idea is to give new life to discarded garments by making them wearable again. This can happen in two different ways.

The regeneration of the raw materials

In the first case, knitted garments are divided by color and then recycled to make new regenerated cashmere fiber that will then be carded and spun. The yarn is then used to make extremely warm and soft knitwear.

The reuse of a fine garment

Nel secondo caso campionari di primissima qualità lasciati inermi in armadi e magazzini vengono selezionati, ispezionati, igienizzati e ricondizionati. La maglia viene così rinvigorita e torna come nuova.

Sustainable Italian Cashmere

Our rural culture had learned that nothing is to be wasted and consequently to work the yarns with care so Tasselli Cashmere has always paid particular attention to sustainability and no waste. Faithful to its half-century-long history Tasselli is now introducing a truly unique line of cashmere garments.